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Instructional Coaching

with Reluctant Teachers

This seminar is designed for anyone who works to help improve instruction in schools:  Instructional Coaches, Specialists, Administrators, Directors, Lead Teachers, Department Heads, Mentors and others will find each session filled with concrete steps you can take back to your school immediately to help your teachers improve! 

Featuring National Expert Pat Quinn

Every school has some teachers who are reluctant to change.  This one-day seminar will show Instructional Coaches and Leaders how to help these teachers and your school make the changes necessary to achieve success!

Sign up now to learn: 

• The 6 Different Types of Difficult Teachers… and how to Succeed with Each One!

• How to handle Teachers who are reluctant to change the way they teach!

• The two techniques that will get any teacher on your side!

• How to address Teacher Fear, Teacher Opposition, and Teacher Sabotage!

• How to lower your stress while raising your effectiveness!

• The Four Strategies that work in just SEVEN DAYS!

• Examples at the Elementary, Middle, and High School Level!

We GUARANTEE that if your Instructional Coaches and Leaders implement these strategies for just 21 days… you will see a positive change in your most difficult teachers.  The strategies and simple to use, cost nothing to implement, and will have a positive impact on student learning.


“Pat Quinn has done it again!  Our Instructional Coaches left with strategies they can use immediately and Pat Quinn left to a standing ovation!”

“Groundbreaking material that will definitely help your school leaders make a positive difference!”

“You are going to want to send a team to this one!  We thought we were at a roadblock… and now we are all headed in the same direction!”

“Pat Quinn makes the impossible seem possible!  And then he makes it easy!”


Seminar Schedule

8:15 - 9:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

9:00 - 10:15 a.m.
Session 1: Helping Teachers Change

This session will show you the different types of Difficult Teachers and the SPECIFIC STRATEGIES that you can use to be successful with each type.  Pat Quinn is an expert on organizational change and how teachers respond to change in their schools.  Don’t miss this chance to learn from the very best!  Every session is loaded with steps you can take the very next day in your school to help ALL teachers improve!

10:30 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 2: Instructional Coaching that Works
This session will give you a step-by-step plan to use with your most difficult teachers.  Each step of the plan is designed to move a teacher forward to implement effective instructional techniques in their classroom.  Overcome every obstacle possible and maintain healthy relationships among your staff at the same time!  This session is perfect for Instructional Coaches, Principals, Instructional Specialists, Department Leaders, Mentors, Superintendents, Assistant Principals, and anyone involved with improving the instruction that teachers use in their classrooms! 

1:00 - 2:15 p.m.
Session 3: Your Most Difficult Cases
This session will address the most difficult teachers your school can encounter including teachers who are oppositional and teachers who sabotage your improvement efforts.  Every strategy shared at this seminar is designed to improve the quality of instruction at your school.  Know what teachers need and how to help teachers improve can have a significant impact on learning at your school.  Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the nation’s leading experts on creating positive instructional change in schools!

Please Note: EVERY SESSION of this one-day seminar will feature multiple examples of strategies from the Elementary, Middle and High School Level!

“The challenge for schools is clear: Instruction must change to meet the new demands of the state standards.  Instructional Coaching is an integral part of this change!”

“If you are tired of conferences that explain the problem but offer few solutions… this is the seminar for you!  EVERY session is loaded with concrete best-practice solutions for instructional coaches!”

“Finally a conference that focuses on real-world solutions to a very real problem:  Helping teachers grow and improve their instructional practices!"

“This is a conference designed for people who want to create change… you will walk away with dozens of ideas to use at YOUR school!!”


A note from Presenter Pat Quinn:

Every time I stand up in front of a group of teachers to speak on Instructional Strategies I will get asked a simple question, “But what about the teachers at my school who refuse to change?”

Every Principal and every Instructional Coach struggles with this issue daily: Certain teachers are reluctant to change the way they teach.  What can you do?

I am so excited to share this full day of strategies that you can use to help these teachers change.  Every strategy is designed to help even your most difficult teachers change the way they teach and increase learning in their classroom!

This seminar is designed for anyone who is involved with improving instruction at their school… and it will be filled with REAL solutions to REAL problems!

I look forward to sharing these strategies and ideas with you!


Pat Quinn

Graduate Credit available through Concordia University Wisconsin.  Click Here  for more information.

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