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Don’t Miss this outstanding one-day Seminar!

Maximum Tier One: 
Improving Full Class Instruction

Featuring Pat Quinn – “The RTI Guy!”

This one-day seminar will give teachers, coaches, and administrators Step-by-Step instructions to improve the quality of Full Class Instruction.


A step-by-step plan to help your most reluctant teachers to change the way they teach

PLEASE NOTE the Fine Print:

If you are looking for more theory about RTI – this is NOT the seminar for you. There are plenty of good seminars out there that will explain theoretically how Response to Intervention is supposed to work.

Also, if you are looking for an overview of the entire RTI process, this is NOT the seminar for you. Exactly 7 minutes will be spent in the first session discussing the full RTI process and where Tier One Full Class instruction fits in that context. After that the entire day will focus on concrete steps you can take at your school to improve the instruction that every student receives.

Every Attendee of this seminar will Learn:

• Exactly what “Outstanding Full Class Instruction” looks like

• How to make simple changes to your current lessons to improve their effectiveness

• Where to find great free resources to improve your instruction

• How to measure and document the fidelity of full class instruction

• A step-by-step plan to help your most reluctant teachers to change they way they teach

A Quick Definition:
“Full Class Instruction” is often referred to as “Tier One” in a school that is implementing Response to Intervention. Whether or not your school is implementing RTI, the success of your students relies on the quality of instruction students receive each day in the full class setting. The techniques described in this seminar will work at any grade level and in all subject areas. You do not need to be implementing RTI at your school, or using any specific model of RTI at your school.

A note from Presenter Pat Quinn…

For years schools have worked to implement a tiered system of small group interventions to help students who struggle to learn. Overlooked in many of these efforts is the instruction every student receives every day in the classroom.

I believe this: Your efforts to help students through a system of small group interventions relies on classroom teachers delivering outstanding full-class instruction.

I am so happy to bring this new seminar to your area. There is so much confusion about what “outstanding instruction” looks like, and about how difficult it is to implement. This seminar will simplify what “outstanding instruction” is, and what it is not. It will also show you exactly how to get there without throwing away all of the good things you are currently doing. I am especially excited about our afternoon session on “getting even your most reluctant teachers to change how they teach.” I have spent years studying how schools change, and the strategies you will learn in this one session will make this seminar worth every penny. I look forward to meeting you at this seminar, to sharing ideas and strategies with you, and to continuing this discussion after the seminar with follow up phone calls each month.

Pat Quinn “The RTI Guy”

Graduate Credit available through Concordia University Wisconsin.  Click Here  for more information.

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